CitySon La
Country CodeVN
IP Vietnam
Based on several IP databases the most probable location for IP adresse is Son La, Vietnam, VN. Latitude and longitude: 103.9 and 21.3167

Network information

ASN 7552
IP starting by171.224.0.0
IP ending by171.255.255.255
Ip starting with171.234.23
ASN NameViettel Corporation
Numerical IP2884245348
Last update01/06/2019

The IP address is provided by Viettel Corporation, it's belong to the CDIR (Classless Inter-Domain Routing) (range to The autonomous system number (ASN) is 7552 and the numerical IP for is 2884245348. You can ping or do a traceroute by clicking on the button.

IP locations databases

Country CodeCountryRegionCityLatitudeLongitudeLast update
IP2LocationVNVietnam-Son La21.3167103.92019-06-01
MaxMindVNVietnam-Thanh Pho Thai Nguyen21.5928105.84422019-06-01
We use several IP database to locate You can find the differents ip locations our Google map, coordinates 103.9 - 21.3167.
Ip2Location database: Son La, Vietnam.
Maxmind database: Thanh Pho Thai Nguyen, Vietnam.
Whois IP database: Vietnam.
W3C database: -, -.

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