City Bielefeld
Country Germany
Country Code DE
Longitude 8.5333
Latitude 52.0333
IP Germany
Based on several IP databases the most probable location for IP adresse is Bielefeld, Germany, DE. Latitude and longitude: 8.5333 and 52.0333

Network information

IP starting by193.20.0.1
IP ending by193.21.255.254
Ip starting with193.20.252
ASN Name-
Numerical IP3239377920
Last update05/03/2017

The IP address is provided by -, it's belong to the CDIR (Classless Inter-Domain Routing) (range to The autonomous system number (ASN) is and the numerical IP for is 3239377920. You can ping or do a traceroute by clicking on the button.

IP locations databases

Country CodeCountryRegionCityLatitudeLongitudeLast update
IP2Location DE Germany - Bielefeld 52.0333 8.5333 2017-03-05
MaxMind DE Germany - 51 9 2017-03-05
Whois DE Germany - - 0 0
W3C - - - - - - -
We use several IP database to locate You can find the differents ip locations our Google map, coordinates 8.5333 - 52.0333.
Ip2Location database: Bielefeld, Germany.
Maxmind database: , Germany.
Whois IP database: Germany.
W3C database: -, -.

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